My Amazing School

My school is truly an amazing school and it always will be. My school is called the International School of Bremen. In this school you also have a sort of Kindergarten for younger children between 3-5 years isb-pic-01of age. This part of the school is called EL1 then after that is EL2 and finally EL3. Finally, when you are six years old you can start school. I started in this school when I was 5 years old so I was in EL3. Before that I had been in a Kindergarten however when my parents found out about this school, they instantly shifted me to the International School of Bremen. At first there were some boys who bullied me and it really was a problem but my parents encouraged me not to give in to them but to ignore them. When I listened to that piece of advice it made me really happy and I started making my first friends.

EL3 was a lot of fun for me. It was not too easy for me and not too hard however my teachers always saw to it that every single student did their best. Yes, there were weaker students and stronger ones but when everyone listened and did their very best they did well. Finally, when the summer holidays came, I just could not wait to go back to school because then I would be starting in Grade 1.

I waited and waited while the date came closer and closer. When the day arrived, I was so excited and I was wondering what it would be like at school. In Germany, when you get to Grade 1, to start your year you get something called a ‘Schultüte’ which is literally a large cone consisting of school materials and also some sweets. Grade 1 seemed to pass by very quickly and Grade 2 was coming. The news had come out that the school had shifted to a new building and I could not wait to see the new building.

When Grade 2 came I saw that we had quite a big class (For our school’s standards). We had 30 people in our class and teachers were starting to find it difficult to handle so many children especially when 80% of them were up to nothing but mischief. At the end of Grade 2 we were given a sheet of paper telling us that in the next year, we would be separated into two year groups. It was also asking us to state two people we would like to be together with in a class. My class ended up being called 3B and I was quite happy with my class. Grade 3 and 4 whizzed past and the last year of primary school arrived.

We went on an amazing field trip to London and I really liked it. When I finally got to secondary school, things got a lot more interesting.

From Grade 6 onward, we did a lot of activities and it was a lot of fun. I entered Grade 7 in August and I am  really enjoying it. All my teachers are amazing and I really like their lessons. I really enjoy my school and I will continue to enjoy it till the very end of my school year which is still about 6 years away.