Jan 24

Where are my meanie Claws and Canines?

These days many people have come to know about cruelty to animals. Most people eat meat because they do not know about the lives that have been taken to have this meat in front of them on their plate. Some do know about this but they haven’t actually seen it happen on a video or right in front of their eyes. This point has been proved by many animal activist organisations all around the world that go to random people who are most likely meat eaters and then they start a conversation which kind of continues like this: “So what are you having for dinner today? “Well today I am going to have my friends over and we are going to eat a delicious steak and some chicken wings.” “Oh really!” “Yeah would you like to come over too?” “No thanks. Would you mind watching a video?” “ Yeah no problem!” I am sure you guys know what is in the video…… Some clips on how animals are tortured. Then the reaction of the person would be something like: “Oh my God I am never going to eat meat in my life! Oh those poor animals! Tortured so ruthlessly for their meat!” This is exactly what I meant. People ate meat before this because they were not fully aware of the slaughtering and cruelty involved in it.

Remember Peter Dinklage? He played the role of  Dr. Simon Barsinister in the film ‘Underdog’.  He has been a vegetarian since his age of 16 and he has been supporting an organisation called ‘Farm Sanctuary’. Below is a film called ‘Face your food’ narrated by Peter Dinklage. Whoever watches it will never participate in the killing of animals again.

Slowly people are becoming aware of this inhumane practice. Just because animals are supposedly inferior to humans, it doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want to them and make them our property. Animals are living beings and their life should be respected just as we respect human lives. The pain and horror that an animal goes through when it gets slaughtered is unimaginable to humans.

Imagine if the tables suddenly turned and herbivorous animals turned carnivorous and we humans started getting slaughtered at the hands of animals. The pain we would go through would be unbearable and the next day we would end up as cooked meat for the dinner of a cow family. Imagine such a situation. It would be horrible. That is exactly how it is for animals. So why kill and eat them? The most important fact is that humans are not supposedLion to be carnivorous and their digestive system is not designed to handle meat like for example the digestive system of a lion or a tiger or even a dog. Neither do humans have long and razor-sharp claws and canines to kill, rip, tear and chew animals. Our canines are just about sharp enough to tear through something like bread or a sugar cane! Forget all the blood and death just go vegan! This will stop all the cold murder of animals and give the meat and dairy industry an opportunity to start a different business. The amount of money that the meat and dairy industry make is huge! It is definitely not fair that these two industries are making so much money out of the cold-blooded murder of innocent animals! This can be stopped only if everyone becomes a vegan. It is the best way to respect other living beings and live in peace.

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