Jan 17

Stop Cruelty to Animals

Personally, I am against animal cruelty which includes killing animals for their meat, skin for clothes, hunting them ‘for fun’, as well as ill-treating cows to get milk from them. All animals have the right to live and they should not be treated like someone’s personal property. Just a few weeks ago, someone got into trouble with the law and is facing 10 years prison just because she fed water to some pigs that were going to the slaughterhouse. The reason for this is that the lady ‘interfered with someone else’s property’!

Animals also have feelings and they also get hurt and feel hurt. People say that meat is good for you because it contains protein. Ok so it contains protein but it is not the only thing that has protein. Chickpeas and lentils for example contain protein! There is no reason to be dependent on these animals for their meat.

When I was younger I loved reading the story ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. There was this particular part of Gulliver’s travels where Gulliver lands up ‘Brobdingnag’. ‘Brobdingnag’ was a place where everyone was huge in height and size. I often wondered: what if these people from meat‘Brobdingnag’ lived where we humans lived and they started slaughtering our species for our meat and started selling all our organs and body parts in the local market place? How would it be if adults walked down the street and they saw their children’s limbs and organs hung up for sale at the local butchery? I bet humans would definitely not like that. So why do that to animals just because our species is more developed and superior to theirs. That is absolutely cruel.

You might have heard of a term called ‘humane slaughter’. That is the perfect example of an oxymoron! What kind of a term is that? There is no such thing as humane slaughter. I have yet to come across a cow or a chicken that jumps up with joy and says, “Yippee! Tomorrow I am going to be ‘humanely’ slaughtered and turned into a Burger!” All methods of slaughtering include hanging of animals up-side-down and slitting their throats. Therefore, the term ‘humane slaughter’ is an absolutely ridiculous term.

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